Get More Exercise

For a Healthy Lifestyle

Did you know...

Our bodies are naturally wired to feel good when we move!

That means once you find a way of exercising that you enjoy, you’ll be taking HAPPY to a whole new level.

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    Improve your mood with exercise!

  • Try something unconventional like dance or rock climbing!

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    Partner up with a friend or loved one to stick with it!

Here are some of the benefits you may see when you exercise:

  • May improve your mood
  • Better energy levels
  • Supports your overall health
  • Better sleep
  • Exercise that helps build muscle and will also help to control your weight, because muscle burns more calories than fat.

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One Simple Change

Get the most out of your workout.

Start with what you enjoy (dancing, swimming, walks, yoga.) Build up your consistency, then your intensity. Focus on working out more often for 10-20 minutes instead of less often for longer periods. Then start to add in more time or more intensity to each workout. Rest and recover with a good night’s sleep