It’s the thick of winter — and what better time to start a new routine? Think about it: The buzz of the holidays is over and the fresh start of spring is still a few months away. So why not fill this seasonal gap with a new plan for your wellness?

Among the options for supplementing your healthy lifestyle are the many wonderful products offered by Juice Plus+. Whether you choose our Chewables, Complete, capsules, or our new Perform protein shakes, Juice Plus+ can help you achieve the progress you’re looking for. 

Setting goals is easy… but sticking to your strategy can involve some hiccups along the way.  A little encouragement can be your best companion on your journey to setting a new routine. Juice Plus+ is always here to support you on your path to wellness. Below, I’ll share a few ideas for both how to start a new healthy routine and incorporate our products into it.

Set an alarm

Over the past few years, as my days have become more and more hectic with two young kids, two dogs, and a busy freelance career, my phone calendar has become an invaluable tool. That’s no exaggeration — I’d be a real-life Bridget Jones-level hot mess without it. Regardless of what kind of phone you have (committed IOS girl here), it’ll have a calendar app, or you can download one from a third-party. Two words: Use. It.

Whether you use it for reminders to get in a workout or to alert you when it’s time for your daily Chewables, your smartphone is a seriously helpful way to improve your healthy habits.

Snack on Chewables

Around midday, cravings tend to creep in. If you work from home like I do, that means your fridge and cabinets are only steps away. If you work in an office, then that vending machine might come calling. Those temptations can keep you from your nutrition and fitness goals, so instead, be prepared with nutritious, grab-and-go snacks.
No joke, I actually look forward to taking vitamins and Chewables. It’s a tiny treat that’s loaded with benefits. And for me, texture is also a draw; I enjoy the crunch of my vitamins and the gummy feel of a Chewable. If you’re hesitant to believe that something this small could satisfy you, just give it a try and see what happens. Once you make Juice Plus+ Chewables a daily routine, I guarantee that you’ll look forward to that little treat each day!

Find an accountability buddy

“Stay accountable” is a phrase we’re all familiar with when it comes to setting goals. While it’s usually correlated with fitness goals, it can apply to anything new that you’ve set out to accomplish. As the saying goes, life is better with friends. So find a partner to keep you motivated! 

No matter our level of fitness or experience with healthy living, we all feel like taking a hiatus from our healthy routines from time to time. While it’s okay to indulge in our favorite foods or skip exercising here and there, there is an important reason to keep up with routines. After all, if you’re not practicing healthy habits regularly, then you can’t reap the overall benefits. On those days when you feel especially unmotivated, lean on your accountability buddy. Make it fun by exchanging Juice Plus+ Complete recipes. When you have a partner in crime and keep your routine interesting, you’re more likely to stay on track. 

Get creative

Speaking of Complete recipes, keep in mind that Complete is more than a shake mix. Think of it as the base for a variety of healthy snack options. 

  • Pump it up. Add fruit or veggies to your shakes for extra nutrition and flavor. My favorite is a pumpkin chai shake with canned pumpkin (organic is preferable, about 3 tablespoons), ayurvedic chai powder, turmeric, coconut MCT powder, raw fiber, a scoop of Complete, and almond milk. Play around with the amounts to get the taste and texture you like.
  • Get smooth. They’re fun to put together – and all the textures are fun for your palette too! Start with a splash of your milk of choice in your blend. Add a scoop of Complete (French Vanilla or Dutch Chocolate), and then toss in your favorite fruit. I like to start with Complete Dutch Chocolate, frozen mixed berries (blueberry, raspberry, strawberry), and spirulina powder. Once you start blending, add more milk as needed, keeping in mind the goal is a super-thick texture. Scoop out your base mix into a bowl, and then top with lots of great add-ins, like coconut flakes, cacoa nibs, nut butter, and fresh fruit.
  • Mix and match. Our blog is a great resource for Complete recipes, offering a wide variety of options, from shakes and bowls to muffins and protein balls. Not listed on the blog is one of my favorites, the classic chocolate-peanut butter protein ball. To make it: Start with a scoop of Complete Dutch Chocolate. Mix in small amounts of date paste (chopped, then blended), peanut butter, rolled oats, flax meal, and a sprinkle of salt, until you get the desired consistency (thick enough to roll in balls). Roll into small balls. Keep refrigerated or frozen.

Write it out

Think of your notes as another accountability buddy. When you write things down, be it on paper or in electronic form, it has a way of making it more real. Plus, keeping track of what you eat and when offers a lot of insight into your habits. When you can see what you’re doing on a daily basis, you can easily identify places where you might want to step up your game. It can also help with streamlining your schedule, helping you to plan out your days better.  

While you’re at it, use your notes to keep track of your Juice Plus+ products. Seeing when you’re having shakes, Chewables, or capsules will keep you motivated to stay at it, but it can also be a way to share your journey. Just like you need that occasional support from friends, so do other people in your Juice Plus+ online community. So share your goals and achievements with them! Also, share those Complete shake concoctions and other Juice Plus+ recipes you’ve come up with to inspire others to make healthier decisions. 

Research shows that goal setting is most effective when there are a few factors at play, including sharing it publicly and doing it as a group.1 So make sure to stay active with your social media accountability buddies and share your challenges and triumphs. Another great place to get involved is right here on our blog. Tell us how you’ve made Juice Plus+ part of your daily routine!

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