Nutrition to control diet and reduce risk of disease

Juice Plus+ Jan 21, 2019

Richard E. Dubois, M.D.

Dr. Richard E. DuBois is the former Chief of Internal Medicine at the Atlanta Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia, with a specialty in infectious diseases. Dr. DuBois expounds upon the importance of proper nutrition – especially from fruits and vegetables – to overall health.

Dr. DuBois emphasizes the need for patients to take personal responsibility for health and recommends taking Juice Plus+ as a good source of nutrition and means of achieving personal health.  "Studies have proven that whole food, plant-based nutrition is the best source of micronutrients, in part because antioxidants and other micronutrients work together in ways we've just begun to understand. I tell my patients: Eat whole foods and take Juice Plus+ to bridge the gap between what you should and what you do eat," he says.

Among his many accolades, Dr. DuBois was awarded The Award of Excellence in Teaching at Atlanta Medical Center, where he was chosen as "most valuable physician" and re-elected to eight consecutive years as Chief of Internal Medicine. He has also served as President of the Georgia Society of Internal Medicine, the Infectious Disease Society of Georgia and the Medical Association of Atlanta.

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