Nutrition and mental health: connecting mental and physical wellness

Juice Plus+ Jan 21, 2019

Marla Friedman, PH.D.

Dr. Marla Friedman combines specialties in psychotherapy and nutrition in her private practice at the Center for Integrative Wellness in Glen Cove, New York. In this video, Dr. Friedman discusses how mental health can be tied to nutritional health.

In this video, Dr. Friedman discusses how depression, anxiety, mood disorder, insomnia, addictions, and other factors can be tied to nutritional health and ultimately improved with a proper diet. She elaborates, "Nutrition affects all parts of us, even the brain (especially the brain). Good nutrition affects memory, focus, concentration, and your mood."

Dr. Friedman recommends Juice Plus+ because she says the nutritional values of Juice Plus+ help support mental health and improve mood. Dr. Friedman says, "Improving people's nutrition with Juice Plus+ helps empower them to make their lives better. It helps them see that through nutrition, their bodies can heal and improve in ways that they did not know were possible."