Healthy skin: improve capillary health with fruit and vegetable nutrition

Juice Plus+ Jan 21, 2019

Betsy Billys, M.D.

Dr. Betsy Billys practices general and cosmetic dermatology in Visalia, California. In this video she discusses how healthy skin starts from the inside with improved capillary health.

Dr. Billys recommends Juice Plus+ to her patients for healthy skin because it helps prevent broken capillaries and "jumpstarts a change into a healthier lifestyle." Dr. Billys says, "When people begin to feel better they begin to value the benefits of exercise and a better diet and find that they really can have a fuller life."  Dr. Billys currently runs a private dermatology practice in Visalia. She previously appeared on Lifetime’s "The Balancing Act" to discuss the benefits of Juice Plus+ for healthy skin.

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