Fruits And Vegetables Can Help Us Live Longer, Healthier Lives

Juice Plus+ Jan 21, 2019

Jan Roberto, M.D.

Dr. Jan Roberto is a family practice physician at the Springfield Center for Family Medicine in Springfield, Ohio. In this video, Dr. Roberto discusses how a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help us live longer, and lead healthier lives.

Dr. Roberto remarks, "I now understand and fully embrace the need for physicians everywhere to share the message of preventive health. Patients need to hear the importance of making diet and a healthy lifestyle a priority. I encourage my patients to view better nutrition not just as a commitment but also as an investment — in a healthier future, a potentially longer life, and lower healthcare bills."

Dr. Roberto recommends Juice Plus+ to her patients because "everyone can benefit from the daily 'safety net' of consistent nutrition provided by Juice Plus+." In addition to her family practice, Dr. Roberto also serves as a member of the active medical staff at the Springfield Regional Medical Center. Among her professional accomplishments, she provided testimony for a U.S. Congressional briefing on healthcare policy sponsored by the National Center for Policy Analysis.